Can You Microwave Crumpets?

Although it’s possible to microwave crumpets, you will want to know a few tips, tricks and rules before you go throwing a crumpet straight into the microwave:

How to Microwave Crumpets

If you mention microwaving crumpets to anyone you are likely to find there is a lot of debate about whether or not this is an appropriate method or not. One thing is for sure, your crumpets are likely to taste much better if you toast or grill them.

However, if you only want them slightly warmed through or are in a hurry but still want hot crumpets as a snack then a microwave is a method you can still use.

To microwave your crumpets follow this method:

  1. Place on a Plate
    Pop a crumpet or two onto a microwavable plate.
  2. Microwave
    Put this into the microwave. Heat on full power for ten to twenty seconds.
  3. Test
    Test the temperature and turn the crumpets over.
  4. Microwave Again
    Pop them into the microwave again for another ten to twenty seconds if they need it.
  5. Repeat
    Repeat for ten seconds bursts until the crumpets are nicely warmed through. Just be careful not to overdo it because they will become overcooked and rubbery very easy.

3 Tips for Microwaving Crumpets

To have complete success when microwaving crumpets, it’s a good idea to follow these 3 tips:

  • Don’t Bother – Our first tip to microwave crumpets is to think about whether you really want them heated in this way! They won’t be the same as toasted crumpets. If you only want them warmed through and not crispy and toasted then this method works fine.
  • Use Short Bursts – Another tip for microwaving crumpets is to ensure you are only heating them for very short bursts in the microwave. They can overcook and become rubbery and hard very quickly so check them regularly and try not to overheat them.
  • Thaw in the Microwave Only – You can also use the microwave to thaw out your crumpets if they are frozen and you want them defrosted quickly. Use a defrost method and only cook them for short bursts of ten to twenty seconds until they are thawed out.

Advantages of Microwaved Crumpets

There are some very clear benefits to using a microwave:

  1. Speedy
    A major advantage of microwaved crumpets is the speed it takes. You can have warmed crumpets in less than a minute! Perfect for spreading with butter that melts beautifully into the crumpets.
  2. Crumpets Remain Soft
    If you want crumpets that are warmed through but still soft then microwaving them can achieve this better than toasting! You don’t get that crispy exterior you would if they were in a toaster. Perfect for soft crumpets that are easy to chew on.

Disadvantages of Microwaved Crumpets

Unfortunately, there are some obvious drawbacks to using a microwave to heat up crumpets:

  1. Won’t Toast
    Most people want their crumpets toasted to perfection and you just can‘t achieve this in the microwave. You can get warmed crumpets but they will never be the same as toasted crumpets.
  2. Easy to Overcook
    It is very easy to overcook your crumpets in the microwave and turn them rubbery and very difficult to eat. As long as you watch them carefully and only heat them in short bursts you should be fine and avoid this.

How to Reheat Crumpets in the Microwave

Reheating crumpets can be a little tricky because they just don’t reheat well. Once they have been heated or toasted the texture of the crumpets changes and any more heating is likely to overcook them and make them difficult to eat.

How to Defrost Crumpets in the Microwave

Crumpets are one of those wonderful foods that you don’t need to thaw out before cooking. You can thaw them and toast them at the same time simply by popping your frozen crumpets into a toaster or under a grill.

You can also thaw crumpets out in the microwave. To do this just switch your microwave to a defrost setting and put the crumpets on a plate in the microwave. Turn the power on for ten to twenty seconds and then check the crumpets.

Keep repeating this until the crumpets are thawed out.

Final Summary

Whilst you can heat up your crumpets in the microwave you may not want to. They will be fine and safe to heat in this way but it doesn’t work quite as well as toasting and it doesn’t even save you that much time!

Some things are best cooked in the usual methods and crumpets are one of those foods.