Can You Microwave Hot Dogs?

If you’ve decided that you want to microwave hot dogs then make sure you follow the method below to guarantee success:

How to Microwave Hot Dogs

When you do come to microwaving the hot dogs you always need to ensure you are doing it carefully. Hotdogs that are not fully heated through could easily make you sick. However, as long as you ensure the hot dogs are piping hot throughout you should be fine.

  1. Place Into a Bowl
    Grab a microwave-safe bowl and pop your hot dog into it.
  2. Submerge
    Cover the hot dog with water and pop it into the microwave.
  3. Heat
    Heat on full power for one minute.
  4. Check
    Check the temperature of both the water and the hot dog.
  5. Heat Again If Needed
    If they need to be heated a little more then put the bowl back into the microwave and heat for thirty-second bursts, checking between each burst until your hot dog is completely cooked and hot throughout.

3 Tips for Microwaving Hot Dogs

We’ve got 3 top tips you’ll want to follow if you’re striving for hot dog perfection in the microwave:

  • Microwave One at a Time – Cooking hot dogs in the microwave can only really be done one hot dog at a time so if you want to have more than this or you want to feed your whole family you should stick to the usual method instead.
  • Check It’s Hot Through – Always check the hot dog is hot throughout before eating. If you don’t then you could end up sick! Ideally, you want it to be heated for just over a minute to make sure it is safe but always check the temperature too.
  • Don’t Avoid Water – Don’t try to steam your hot dogs without the water and where possible always follow the instructions on the packet. This ensures you are cooking them in the safest way possible.

Advantages of Microwaved Hot Dogs

As you’ve probably guessed by now, there are some benefits to using a microwave to cook hot dogs:

  1. Speedy
    The best advantage of cooking hot dogs in the microwave is how fast you can have your meal. Within a minute or two you can be eating hot dogs for lunch or dinner – that’s pretty fast!
  2. No Change in Taste
    When you cook your hot dogs in the microwave you shouldn’t notice any difference in taste than if you had cooked them normally.

Disadvantages of Microwaved Hot Dogs

Unfortunately, it’s not all good news for the microwave! There are some drawbacks to using the microwave:

  1. Limited to One at a Time
    If you want to cook a few hot dogs then microwaving them isn’t the answer because you can only usually cook one at a time using this method. If you have to cook several, one after another then it isn’t quite such a fast method at all!
  2. Easy to Get Wrong
    You have to be careful with meat products, especially pork because if heated incorrectly it can make you sick. Ideally, you need to be keeping them hot for a good couple of minutes to ensure that the bacteria is gone.

How to Reheat Hot Dogs in the Microwave

Be very careful when reheating hotdogs in the microwave. You need to ensure they are hot all the way through and have reached a high enough temperature to kill any harmful bacteria.

We wouldn’t recommend you do this if at all possible – some things just are not worth the risk.

How to Defrost Hot Dogs in the Microwave

The safest way to thaw out hot dogs is by popping them into a bowl of cool water for an hour or in the fridge slowly for several hours.

However, if you need you can thaw them in the microwave by popping them into a bowl and using a defrost setting for thirty-second intervals until the hot dogs are completely thawed. If you are doing this you will need to cook and eat them straight away to avoid any harmful bacteria growth.

Final Summary

If you only want one or two hot dogs then you can cook them quickly and easily in the microwave. You do need to ensure they are cooked properly to avoid getting sick and if you want to cook more than a couple of hot dogs then it is best to use other methods.