Can You Microwave Prawns?

Microwaving prawns is not as simple as it may first appear so make sure you follow our method below. Keep scrolling for our top 3 tips for microwaving prawns too!

How to Microwave Prawns

We would not recommend you microwave raw prawns to cook them because microwave cooking tends to heat food unevenly and you don’t want cold spots that could be still harbouring bacteria in your prawns.

However, if you have cooked prawns or are reheating then you can heat them in a microwave as long as you are careful and ensure they are hot all the way through before eating.

To heat up the prawns in a microwave follow this method:

  1. Place Prawns on Dish
    Find a large flat microwave dish. Spread the prawns out onto the dish so they are in a single layer. This helps them to cook more evenly and helps them to cook at a similar rate.
  2. Cover
    Cover with some microwave-safe paper towel and pop them into the microwave.
  3. Microwave
    Heat for thirty seconds and then take them out.
  4. Flip and Microwave
    Flip the prawns over and pop them back into the microwave for another thirty seconds.
  5. Repeat
    Keep heating for thirty seconds and flipping them over until the prawns are hot and ready to eat.

3 Tips for Microwaving Prawns

To ensure you have complete success when microwaving prawns, make sure you follow these essential tips:

  • Season – If you love a little flavour on your prawns then you can sprinkle some spices onto your prawns as they cook. Try a little garlic or chilli for a delicious kick.
  • Reduce Cooking Time – If you find your prawns become a little overcooked then you can reduce the time intervals that the prawns are in the microwave to ten to twenty seconds after a few rounds.
  • Defrost First – You need to defrost your prawns before heating in a microwave if they are frozen because when thawing you also heat up the food too. Most microwaves also don’t heat food up evenly which means you can end up with burnt spots while other parts are still frozen and this is one way you can end up sick from eating incorrectly heated up prawns.

Advantages of Microwaved Prawns

There are plenty of reasons why you may choose to microwave prawns including the following:

  1. Super Fast
    Heating up prawns in the microwave is a super-fast method to cook them so if you are in a rush then you can heat them up quickly.
  2. Clean Free
    Microwaving prawns is also fantastic for reducing the amount of mess you make. It’s simple and clean without using too many tools and pans.
  3. Low Calories
    One great advantage of microwaving prawns instead of pan-frying is that you don’t need to use any oil so you can save yourself a few calories.

Disadvantages of Microwaved Prawns

There are 2 main disadvantages to reheating prawns in the microwave that you’ll want to consider first:

  1. Uneven Cooking
    Microwaves can be a little tricky when heating up food and they don’t always heat food through evenly so you do have to be very careful when using this method. Always make sure they are hot all the way through the prawn before eating.
  2. Not as Tasty
    Microwaved prawns are tasty but they are not quite as delicious as if you pan fry with oil or butter. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage because you get fewer calories but you have to sacrifice a little of the taste to do so.

How to Reheat Prawns in the Microwave

Reheating prawns in the microwave is super simple and you use the same method as you would, outlined above. Be careful of reheating more than once though. Seafood like prawns can be tricky and we would not recommend you reheat more than once.

This applies to precooked prawns too. You should only heat them once because they have already been cooked once before you bought them.

How to Defrost Prawns in the Microwave

When you defrost prawns you need to do so carefully and try not to allow them to warm up too much. So, you should avoid defrosting on the kitchen counter.

Instead, pop the prawns into a bowl or onto a plate and put them in the fridge to thaw out overnight or for several hours until they are completely thawed out.

We would not recommend that you use a microwave to thaw out the prawns because the microwave will also heat them up a little and this is when bacteria can grow and you could end up sick.

Final Summary

The microwave is perfect for heating up prawns that have already been cooked. So, you can reheat your prawns in the microwave.

If you are cooking them from raw then we would recommend using other methods instead because the microwave can cook them unevenly and it’s better to be safe rather than sorry.