Can You Microwave Tomatoes?

There is a precise method you’ll want to stick to when microwaving tomatoes. Keep reading to discover what this precise method is:

How to Microwave Tomatoes

When you cook tomatoes in the microwave you do need to be careful because it can go wrong easily. If you don’t put slits into the skin then the tomato will splatter over the microwave – it may even fully burst!

Don’t worry though, it is fairly easy to cook tomatoes in the microwave. Here is how.

  1. Prepare Tomatoes
    This method should work for any type of tomato you want to cook. First, cut slits into the skin of each tomato and pop them onto a microwaveable dish. The slits help steam escape and avoid some of the mess it makes in your microwave.
  2. Spread
    Spread out the tomatoes so they are apart on the plate and pop it into the microwave.
  3. Microwave
    Heat on full power for between two and five minutes testing about halfway through to see how quickly the tomatoes are cooking.
  4. Repeat If Needed
    If the tomatoes need a little longer pop them back into the microwave for thirty seconds and test again. Keep repeating until they are cooking to your liking.

3 Tips for Microwaving Tomatoes

If you’ve decided to microwave tomatoes then make sure you follow these three tips:

  • Peel and Chop Beforehand – If you want to make a smooth sauce with your tomatoes then you can peel and chop them before microwaving. This takes a lot of the hassle out of making a sauce in the long run.
  • Always Slit – Always cut slits into the tomato before you cook them. If not then you risk exploding tomatoes and a mess in the microwave! As the tomato cooks the moisture inside them turns to steam and this needs to escape or it will burst out.
  • Cover to Avoid Mess – Even with ensuring the skin of the tomato is pierced, you may still find that the tomatoes splatter a little as they cook. You can help to avoid this by covering the dish before microwaving.

Advantages of Microwaved Tomatoes

As you can imagine, there are a couple of huge benefits to cooking tomatoes in the microwave to make a sauce:

  1. Instant Sauce
    The main advantage of microwaving tomatoes is how quickly you can turn tomatoes into a sauce! Within a few minutes, your tomatoes will be perfectly cooked to provide a saucy base for any meal.
  2. Smooth
    Another advantage of cooking tomatoes in the microwave is the texture. Cooking them in this way helps to turn them into the perfect consistency for a tomato sauce. Perfect for adding to your bolognese or turning into a soup.

Disadvantages of Microwaved Tomatoes

It’s not all good news, however! There are a couple of drawbacks you’ll want to be aware of too:

  1. They’ll Breakdown
    If you want your tomatoes to remain whole such as roasted tomatoes then you are likely to be disappointed by your results in the microwave. Cooking in this way turns the tomato into a sauce rather than keeping the tomatoes whole.
  2. Can Be Messy
    Cooking tomatoes in the microwave can make a lot of mess! Cutting slits into the skins before cooking will help but it is likely you will always end up with some tomato splatter over the microwave by the time you are finished.

How to Reheat Tomatoes in the Microwave

Be very careful when reheating your tomatoes in the microwave. If they are not already turned into a sauce they definitely will be by the time you are finished! This can work well if this is the outcome you are looking for though.

To do this pop your cooked tomatoes into a bowl and make sure there are slits in the skins if you need to. Then reheat for a minute or two until the tomatoes are tender and hot.

How to Defrost Tomatoes in the Microwave

If you have frozen tomatoes we wouldn’t recommend that you thaw them out before using them. They don’t freeze well and are likely to be inedible raw as part of your salad. The freezer turns them into mush which can be difficult if you need salad tomatoes.

However, this is fine for using as a base of a sauce or soup and you don’t need to thaw them at all. Just pop them into your recipe and cook from frozen.

Final Summary

For making a tomato paste or sauce then microwave cooking is one of the best methods for cooking your tomatoes. Cooking in this way turns the tomatoes into the perfect mushy consistency for the sauce.

One drawback of this is that if you want more of a roasted tomato result you won’t easily be able to manage this in the microwave.